Photo contest: support “A Harlem Hellfighter” & ‘Why We Need Warrior Societies’

As a sign of gratitude for the enthusiasm so many folks showed for my photo sale, I’ve decided to give away the last print of “flipped, off” in a the first of what I hope will be many “pay it forward” contests.

Anybody who donates $20 or more to the Wâbak Collective’s documentary Why We Need Warrior Societies or Rooted Theatre’s Welcome back to Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story will have their name entered for a draw to win a print. Your name will be entered once for every $20 donation.

Rooted Theatre is Vancouver’s only Black theatre company. They are raising funds to present the World Premier of Tito Kamel’s play about an African American solder struggling to re-integrate into his community after fighting in WWI.

The Wâbak Collective’s documentary seeks to create a resource for Indigineous peoples about the warrior role needs to bere-established within Indigineous communities, promoting a spirit of resistance. You can view the trailer for the first part of the documentary here.

E-mail, facebook or tweet me when you’ve made a donation.

Contest ends June 8th.