Photos: Hong Kong Lights

Better late than never. A few months ago I had the opportunity to fly to Hong Kong thanks in part to a fantastic find from yuldeals, an abundance of reward miles and a sudden influx of time on my hands. I spent a week there engulfed in its lights, heights and sites.

I strive to build my life around the letter “s”. Specifically: solitude, solidarity and sobriety. A hefty schedule of work as an organiser and theatre maker, surrounded by a large family, friends and loves have made that first “S” a little hard to reach at times. I relished in the opportunity to be alone in the city. Invisible. Unseen.

I found bliss in my daily rituals: mornings plunged deep into writing words for a would-be novel, afternoon naps to escape the blistering heat, evening photo adventures hidden behind the lens of my cameras.

Hong Kong is a wonderous city. By far my favourite of Asia to date. Extremely walkable, thorough public transit, architectural marvels, a surprising number of parks, easy access to the waterfront, and a lot of public gathering spots. It sorely lacks any sort of cycling strategy, but local enthusiasts make up for it by engaging in nightly midnight rides through the city while all the cars and their drivers are sound asleep.

I plan on writing more about my experiences there in the coming months, including the powerful vigil to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the turmoil in Tiananmen square, but in the interim, here are some images taken with my Fuji X100. A camera that I must admit excels for nighttime street photography.

For more images from the trip, you can check out my #MtlToHK hashtag on Instagram.