Le café des chats


North America’s first “cat café”, Le café des chats, will open its doors to the public this coming Saturday. The concept first emerged in Japan in 1998 but it wasn’t until 2012 that it began to spread throughout Asia, the … Continue reading

Stand up for Science


On September 16th, 2013, when Parliament was set to resume, scientists and science advocates from across Canada gathered in 18 cities to demand the Harper Government stop the muzzling of scientists and the suppression of curiosity-driven research. “We are here … Continue reading

transfert: montréal art mobile


TRANSFERT: Exposition de Montréal Art Mobile, en partenariat avec Les Nouveaux Explorateurs & Publicité Sauvage, 25-28 juillet 2013, coins Ste. Catherine et St. Laurent (côté Sud-Ouest). ARTISTES: MissPixels, Pixetoile, Erik Beck, Michel Llyod, Mathieu Murphy-Perron, TIND, Mathieu Jarry, Marika Laforest, … Continue reading

montréal moving day 2013


almost all leases in montréal expire on june 30th. what ensues the next day is orchestrated chaos. montréalers engaged in a ritualistic dance through tight streets and spiral staircases. crafting makeshift parking and pulleys. lamps on heads. pillows on the … Continue reading

making of: landmark, undone


inspired by a recent talk from TIND at the montréal art mobile apple store presentation, i have started a new photo series to explore the reconstruction of regional landmarks through abstract repetition, recolouring and displacement. now that i have this … Continue reading