50 photos. $100/each. 1 Week.

20 days ago, I lost my job. I was given no severance, no cause and no notice. I joined the ranks of some 2.6 million unemployed and underemployed Canadians.

This has left me in a precarious financial situation while my Union grieves my termination to the Labour Relations Board. This process could take several months and in order to avoid undue anxiety I’ve decided to finally respond to the call to sell some of my prints.

Today, I will be launching my online store with a one-week sale and an objective to secure a few month’s worth of financial stability.


50 photos. $100 each. 1 week.

Sale ends May 27th at 23:59.

These 15 images are amongst my favourite photos and will be extremely limited items as there are only 5 prints available per image.

This is a call for solidarity: if you have the means, give art a chance. Bring some in to your homes, and even if you can’t purchase, consider sharing this message with you various networks.

I’ll be updating this post daily with sales updates.

If you live in Montréal or think our paths will cross in the next few months, let me know and I’ll send you a code to remove shipping costs.

Much love and solidarity, always,