making of: landmark, undone

inspired by a recent talk from TIND at the montréal art mobile apple store presentation, i have started a new photo series to explore the reconstruction of regional landmarks through abstract repetition, recolouring and displacement. now that i have this space to share my rambling musings, i thought i’d share my process with y’all. i am a big believer in the concept that sharing is caring and have zero desire to be precisously possessive over keeping things close to my chest. i hope you find this useful and please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions or if this is something i should continue doing.

for the purpose of this blog, we’ll be looking at the first photo of the landmark undone series: farine five roses.

The original image:

shot in CAMERA+ || scene: auto, effects: fashion (20%)

I then moved the image to ADDLIB to generate a few base images.

Photo 2013-04-26 16 30 47
ADDLIB is a fun app that randomly abstracts your images. it can be hit and miss and i would hasten to call it a day after using it but it’s a great trampouline to start from.

After ADDLIB I brought both images into PICFX to crop ’em into squares.

pfx film: 150

next i combined the two images using the instrumental must-have BLENDER app.

finding that the image was lost most its red tones, i took the flattened image and added a MEXTURE. note: i rotated and expanded the mexture to cover the desired area and masked the rest.

i then tested out my new favourite app SATUR8 to strengthen the colours and play.

and the finishing touch is almost always cortesy of VSCOCAM.

the finishing touches are minimal but i’ve found peace in a certain ritual when processing images. i’ll be exploring this formula more throughout the coming weeks and will post the results here.