montréal moving day 2013

almost all leases in montréal expire on june 30th. what ensues the next day is orchestrated chaos. montréalers engaged in a ritualistic dance through tight streets and spiral staircases. crafting makeshift parking and pulleys. lamps on heads. pillows on the subway. alleys littered with forgotten furniture.

up until last year, my adult life had been spent entirely within the same block of a student heavy neighbourhood. everything was crammed and messy and inspired. i’d long hoped for a 1st of july where my day wouldn’t be occupied by helping somebody move. this year, that honour was taken on june 24th, june 29th and july 4th. seeing a “free” day (more on that another time), jaclyn and i ventured around the southwest on the hunt of sweaty, grumpy movers.

going to make a yearly tradition of this when possible. explore the different neighbourhoods and watch drama and innovation unfold.