Stand up for Science

On September 16th, 2013, when Parliament was set to resume, scientists and science advocates from across Canada gathered in 18 cities to demand the Harper Government stop the muzzling of scientists and the suppression of curiosity-driven research.

“We are here to speak for the use of evidence in making policy at a time when the Harper government will not let the evidence speak for itself.” — Jeremy Kerr, President-elect of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Education

“L’industrie ne doit pas dire aux scientifiques quoi faire. Le gouvernement musèle ses scientifiques: que ce soit pour la politique gouvernementale ou le développement de la technologie, un dialogue ouvert est nécessaire.” — Dr. Béla Joós

“The federal government is not only changing the way we do research in Canada, they are changing the way we
learn. We are losing fundamental, curiosity-based exploration and inquiry. The world’s most important discoveries were often not made by looking for something to sell.” — Canadian Federation of Students chair Jessica McCormick

“It was public science that proved smoking was harmful when tobacco companies tried to claim cigarettes were safe. It was public science that proved that asbestos was harming workers when the mining industry insisted otherwise. Open, public science is essential for better health care, better health policy, and a healthier Canada.” — Dr. Kapil Khatter