White hands down

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I’ll be attending the vigil in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising and victims of police brutality Sunday night in Montréal. I’ll be attending because like many of you my eyes have been glued to my news feed this past week … Continue reading

#YesAllWomen: on shutting up and listening

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

[Trigger warning: sexual violence, misogyny] Men, we really are a miserable lot, aren’t we? Stubborn. Defensive. Unapologetic. Entitled to and possessive of all spaces, places and feelings. Overcome by an incessant need to stick our noses into all conversations to … Continue reading

La petite vie des référendums


When I think about it, I was introduced to politics via the 1995 Québec referendum. I was a sniffly, hypersensitive bilingual fifth-grader attending a snooty multi-cultural private French grade school. From what I could tell, most of us 10-year-olds didn’t … Continue reading

Labour on

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Today is May Day. International Worker’s Day. Today, I got fired. I got fired less than a month after organising a successful Union drive at my workplace. I got fired with no notice, no cause, and no mercy. This is … Continue reading

NDP-Québec? Non merci.


There are two ideas that pop up every so often within my networks that make me cringe with despair. They are tired thoughts, trumpeted by otherwise sensible individuals who happen to think they have stumbled upon some revolutionary concept that … Continue reading